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Be it any kind of a commercial facility, if they’re situated anywhere in Coral Springs, FL area, there is one common task which they all share – keeping the workforce cool and comfortable. This is why commercial air conditioners are quite important in these facilities, but this presents them with issues related to the maintenance and upkeep of these air conditioners as well. An air conditioner being a machine composed of mechanical parts is susceptible to malfunction at many times in its useful life. There may also be situations where in the entire air conditioning unit or a few parts of it need changing and things can start to get problematic for commercial property owners. This is where partnering with a commercial HVAC repair and servicing company such as Coral Springs AC Expert can bring in a great deal of advantage.

It is the decade long working experience and the commitment to customer service and satisfaction, which has brought us to enjoy a vast customer base today. You can today find our number 954-271-0682 with numerous commercial property owners and operators in the region, because we’re considered the best.


One would think that an AC is an AC after all, be it installed in a commercial facility, or in a residential one. But there are quite a few differences in these, summed here:

  1. Size: This is perhaps the most striking difference between an air conditioner installed in a residential facility, to a commercial one.  Since commercial HVACs are bigger in size as they are needed to cool larger areas, there is a need for greater heat compensation measures here. The size of the air conditioner is also a direct determinant of the amount of power which is consumed by the unit, and the level of skill a repair technician needs to have to handle it.
  2. Complexity: The major difference between the commercial and residential models of air conditioners available today lies in the complexity of the structure and the operation. Be it the ductwork installation, or the air outlet setup, there needs to be a great deal of skill which one must have to appreciate and counter the complexity involved in commercial air conditioners.
  3. Cost: On the cost front as well, commercial HVACs are cost extensive and have a great deal of investment in terms of setting them up, and maintaining them to be working at the level of efficiency they are expected to. This does not intend to say that residential ACs are cheaper, but relatively, there is a higher outlay required for commercial air conditioners. 

This is why trusting a service provider like Coral Springs AC Expert who has the experience and skill to fully appreciate the complexity involved in commercial air conditioners is the way to go.


Consultation: The productivity you generate out of your employees in your business premises is directly proportional to the level of comfort which your employees enjoy here, and your air conditioning plays a major role in this. You can choose the best air conditioner with our advice.

Installation: Be it a central air conditioning hub or a stringed network of split ACs spanning across the entire commercial facility, we possess the technical know-how to efficiently install them all for you. No model or make of commercial HVACs is too complex for us to master and we can effectively bring about a glitch-free installation of the air conditioner at your facility.

Repairs and maintenance: We at Coral Springs AC Expert have customized HVAC repair and maintenance plans, suited to the budget of every business owner. In addition to this, our services are available to be availed round the clock, whenever you need them. This is what makes us the preferred partner for most commercial business facility owners and operators, for their air conditioning needs. 

In need for some expert rendered commercial HVAC services in Coral Springs, FL area? Then 954-271-0682 is the number you need to call!