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Appliances are a routine part of our daily lives and there can be appliances which are good-to-haves, while others which are imperative to us. If you happen to dwell in Coral Springs, FL, then an air conditioner for you would certainly fall in the latter category. The sunny weather and the humid climate which prevails here during the most part of the year is enough to justify the prolonged use of air conditioning. However rarely do home owners and managers give due regard to the importance of an air conditioner, and this is an appliance which is most often installed once and then left to look after itself.

Be sure to make the choice of the right model of air conditioner for your house and once this choice has been made, go ahead and appoint the right AC repair and maintenance firm to take care of it. And in the region, who better than Coral Springs AC Expert to assist you with your residential air conditioning needs? A simple call on 954-271-0682 is all you need to make in order to get in touch with us.


What do you think does the job of infantry when you try and wage a war against the sweltering heat – it is the AC which you install in your house! While you would think your professional AC service company will always make the right decision for you, you are in for a big and dismal surprise. The truth of the matter is that there are hardly professional AC service providers who can do this job effectively for you, be it due to the lack of experience at the job or the know-how about it. Do not fall prey to the flashy marketing pitches or the fancy words which such service providers profess, and use your discretion. Never make an oversight when the need is to have a high performing air conditioner installed and working in your facility and for reliable services!

Here are a few characteristics you need to look forwhen choosing an AC company:

  • Holding a great customer rapport and reputation is a must, and there should be enough testimonials to convince one of their reputation.
  • Make the choice of an air conditioning company, which has been in the market for at least a decade.
  • Never go with lousy service providers, with no sense of professionalism.
  • Start with taking a look at the service portfolio of the company before making a decision to go with it or not.
  • Go for a company based locally, or in your vicinity. Waiting for hours to be serviced is a strict no-no.
  • An upfront quote for the work involved is a great way to start and a professional service provider would do so readily for you.
  • Make an enquiry into the partnerships and the supplier network which they have, as this can bring in some great savings in case spares are required.

Coral Springs AC Expert is one such professional AC installation, repair and maintenance service provider, which scores very well on all the above parameters, and can prove to be the best decision you make for your air conditioning needs.


Spending money to buy an air conditioner is nothing short of an investment and we can take you through the process of making the choice of the right air conditioner. Not just that, we render services that span across the entire life cycle of an air conditioner, from installation to maintenance to repairs.


  • The setup:

As a part of the set up services for air conditioning at your home, we begin with assessing the cooling needs in your facility, and then make a judgment about the most suitable model of AC in terms of performance and size. Once these initial steps are done with, our cooling experts will come in to carry out the full fledged installation of the air conditioners in your property.

  • The upkeep:

An air conditioner is hardly an appliance which will take care of itself and one which you can install and then move on. Regular health checks and maintenance procedures are required and Coral Springs AC Expert can handle them all for you, so as to save you from facing any issues later.

Call no one else other than us when you need an all-round residential AC service in Coral Springs, FL area! Get in touch with us on 954-271-0682 today!