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Two decades from today when Coral Springs AC Expert set out to redefine AC servicing and repair in Coral Springs, FL, hardly anyone believed in even the idea of this being a niche in the market, let alone in our abilities as a market leader. But today we’ve defied all odds to become one of the most-sought after AC service companies in the region. This is because the skill and the level of customer service which we bring to the job have been the true reasons for us reaching where we are today, and these traits aren’t the easiest ones to emulate.


We are a lot more than your usual air conditioning service and repair company you would find. What is the difference you ask between us and the other service providers? We are known for the most technically sound and experienced team of professionals who are adept with handling AC service and repair situations of great complexity. Not just this, the strong network of service workshops and repair centers we proudly host brings esteemed and timely AC maintenance and repair services to our clients at far from exorbitant costs. We are known for reaction times of as less than 20-30 minutes in terms of reaching our distressed clients, as soon as we receive a call from them on 954-271-0682!


To have an exponential growth and be a market leader in providing high quality, timely and cost effective AC repair and maintenance services to our clients.


To bring quality air conditioning solutions to our clients, and always driving customer satisfaction by providing extensive services rendered by a technologically adept work force.



 You will never find us up selling unnecessary goods or services to you or providing low quality spares and services is something you will never find happening with us, as we are known for integrity in whatever we do for our clients. We prefer to reap sustainable profits through making and then leveraging a great reputation with our clients. 


Quality and uncompromised standards are what we stand for and this trait reflects in all the servicing and repair jobs which we take up for our clients and customers. We are never shy of going the extra mile and provide best in class AC service and repair offerings to our clients, at pocket friendly prices.


We understand that a customer doesn’t pay us with money, but rather trust, when we are chosen by them as the service provider of choice and this is why we render services with the utmost level of quality and perfection, without stretching the customers beyond their comfort levels in prices.


It might be hard to believe but the past two decades of operating in Coral Springs, FL has seen us invest not even a single penny in marketing or publicizing about ourselves, and all the business which we have received till date is thanks to referrals from our satisfied, clients who we have serviced. Though we do believe in profits, but these profits for us do not come before the satisfaction of our customers and we believe that sustainable profits will easily follow once the services we render for our clients are of great value.

Have Coral Springs AC Expert be the AC service partner for you and bid farewell to all your air conditioning woes. Let us serve you today by calling us on 954-271-0682!