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Come summer season in Coral Springs, FL area and you would find your air conditioners wailing for respite, given the high amount of usage they will be put onto. During such heavy usage, the best thing to do is to head out and have your air conditioners covered under maintenance contracts which do not just cover their operations effectively, but also in turn save you the horrors of emergency breakdowns. Enters Coral Springs AC Expert – the most well know air conditioner maintenance service provider in the region, and the reason why hundreds of commercial and residential customers have no air conditioning worries today. Fortified with an adept knowledge about every component of an air conditioner, we have a history of crafting customized air conditioner maintenance plans for customers for over two decades now. Just call us on 954-271-0682 and let one of our experts talk you through it!


With prolonged and relentless use, your air conditioners, like any other machine, fall prey to deterioration attributable to wear and tear caused over time. While you may not like to acknowledge the same, but this doesn’t make this any less a reality. This is why maintenance of air conditioners, which includes routine checks, can be of crucial value. Meet your air conditioner’s maintenance requirements by partnering with us.

Here’s an illustrious example on what happens if you do not opt for maintenance:

Just a small story, but this practically repeats itself over in our memory in the past two decades of operation here. We sudden get a call in the middle of the night from a customer, who has a family of six composed of infants and elderly, complaining of a malfunctioned air conditioning. This was during the peak summers in Coral Springs, FL when surviving without the air conditioner for even a minute is hard and so you can imagine how distressed this gentleman was. When we arrived at the scene not long post the call, we found that a lot of parts had rusted and the filters and air vents of the air conditioner were clogged. Just more of how improper maintenance over the months of use had put the family at the risk of such an air conditioning calamity.

The takeaway: It was improper maintenance on part of either the family or the company which had been hired to take care of the air conditioner, which led to such a situation. This is why we recommend only trusting experts with extensive experience and skill like us to bring about effective maintenance measures for your air conditioners.


Want to avoid falling prey to escalating repair or replacement bills for your air conditioning? Then going into an all-covered maintenance contract is the smart thing to do. Trust us to craft a customized maintenance contract for your air conditioning needs, which will not falter, either on the quality of service, or the cost involved.

WithCoral Springs AC Expert,the following is what you get:

35-point diagnostic evaluation: Try our annual/ bi-annual 35 point diagnostic evaluation of your air conditioning and be sure you do not miss out on any vulnerability your air conditioner is susceptible to.

Transferable contract: We have some of the most versatile maintenance contracts, which you can either transfer to the next home owner, or take it along, should you decide to switch places.

Discounted service calls: Our service calls are perhaps the cheapest you will find in the region, and this is why we do not differentiate between customer on contracts with us, and those who call us ad-hoc.

Prioritized emergency service: Struck with an emergency with your air conditioning? Trust us to be in touch with you in 20 minutes and bail you out effectively.

Subsidized repairs and parts:  If any issues come up at the time of inspection, we are known to put in the corrective efforts, without any additional exorbitant cost. We can also provide spares at pocket-friendly prices.

Looking for an AC maintenance and repair plan which will prove affordable? Don’t look elsewhere in Coral Springs, FL and give us a call on 954-271-0682.